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About the workshop

The primary objectives of the workshop are to expand and update participant’s knowledge and practical expertise in the field of surface science and match academic and industrial partners based on their field of interests to create new collaboration/funding opportunities.

Every session in the workshop is facilitated and mentored by minimum three world renowned experts in the field representing either academic, industry or research institutes. The academic champion will be focused on the knowledge gaps and importance of fundamental aspect of the subject whereas the research opportunities with the ongoing issues in the field will be discussed by the industrial partners. In the panel discussion, the academic and industry partners will propose a collective approach and seek avenues for collaborative project and funding.

The event is organized in a way to match academic and industrial partners based on their field of interests; two topics are covered on three continuous days, i.e., interfacial tension (IFT) (Day 1), and Wettability & Adhesion (Day 2) and laboratory (hands on) day (Day 3). Each day will be devoted to theoretical background, challenges in industries with real-case studies, practical/demo sessions. Panel discussion at the end of each day is dedicated to strengthen the interaction between all stake holders. Theoretical background, at the beginning of each day, will be given by experts in the respective areas. 


Jul 15, 2024 – Jul 17, 2024
HUB 350 Kanata, 350 Legget Dr, Kanata, Ottawa K2K 0G7, ON, Canada

Get Micro-Credentials

Upon completion of all sessions, if you are interested you will receive micro-credentials from Carleton University. We are currently seeking approval for the micro-credential from the Ministry. We will let you know once the approval is in place. If approved, you might be eligible to apply for OSAP: Ontario Student Assistance Program as well as tax benefits. 



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The Canada Job Grant presents a valuable opportunity for employers, whether operating individually or in groups, to make strategic investments in their workforce, bolstered by government assistance.

This grant offers direct financial assistance to individual employers or groups of employers seeking to procure training for their employees. It is accessible to businesses of varying scales – small, medium, and large – that have devised plans to administer short-term training programs for both current and prospective employees.

To learn more about the Canada Job Grant or determine if your organization meets the eligibility criteria, please visit the corresponding provincial government webpage linked below.



Equipment Training

Equipment Training


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