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Image by Jason Hafso
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The workshop aims to update and broaden the participants' knowledge and practical expertise in the field of surface science. It also seeks to connect industrial partners and experienced users to new opportunities for their business and interpersonal skills. 


Each session in the workshop is facilitated and mentored by world-renowned experts in the field, representing either academia, industry or research institutes. The academic champions will focus on the fundamental aspects of the subject, addressing knowledge gaps and importance. During the event, experts and participants will come together to discuss ongoing issues and opportunities in the field. In one-on-one discussions, both parties will collaborate to find a collective solution to any problems participants may be experiencing with their application. Additionally, if necessary, training will be provided on how to properly use the instrument.


The event is organized to cater to the needs of current or potential users of these tools based on their areas of interest. It covers two topics over three continuous days, starting with the liquid-fluid interface characterizations (interfacial Tension - IFT) on Day 1, followed by solid-liquid interface characterizations (Wettability & Adhesion) on Day 2. On Day 3, there will be a consultation day. Each day will include theoretical background, industry challenges with real-case studies, and practical/demo sessions. At the end of each day, the panel discussion is dedicated to strengthening the interaction between all stakeholders. Experts in the respective areas will provide theoretical background at the beginning of each day.


Jul 15, 2024 – Jul 17, 2024
HUB 350 Kanata, 350 Legget Dr, Kanata, Ottawa K2K 0G7, ON, Canada

About the workshop


interfacial science and surface engineering lab
Carleton University
NSERC Canada

Equipment Training


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