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Day 1, August 27 2019 - Interfacial tension (IFT)


First day is dedicated to an interfacial tension (IFT) and four champions in this field, Dr. Thomas Willers, Dr. John Frostad (Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia), Dr. Raymond Sanedrin (application manager at KRÜSS USA), and Dr. Prashant R. Waghmare (assistant professor at the University of Alberta) will present real case studies in application to the energy, environment and nanotechnology industry. Dr. Willers will touch applications and basic principles of interfacial tension measurements. Dr. John Frostad will present research findings in the area of interfacial rheology. Dr. Sanedrin will present real-case studies in application to the energy, environment and automotive industry, as well as , will discuss the application examples for tensiometry. Dr. Waghmare will present on interfacial rheology and stability of colloidal system. The IFT plays important role in many industrial processes where contact between different phases exists. It provides answers on what effects the tendency for phase separation and emulsifiability; on flooding efficiency due to reduced interfacial tension; on quality of hydrophobic liquids; on quality of industrial coatings.



  • Applications and basic principles of interfacial tension measurements

  • Static methods to characterize liquid/liquid and liquid/gas interfaces

  • Dynamic methods to characterize liquid/liquid and liquid/gas interfaces

  • Application examples for tensiometry

  • Nanotechnology and role of surface forces

  • Importance of interfacial rheology in industrial process

Day 2, August 28 2019 - Adhesion and contact angle


On the second day, the adhesion and contact angle will be discussed. Dr. Alidad Amirfazli (Professor at the York University, Canada) will share his knowledge with participants. Dr. Amirfazli will cover droplet adhesion process with fundamentals and applications. The adhesion and contact angle is the main interest of companies working in a field of renewable energy, e.g. solar panels manufacturers; in a field of industrial coatings; in a field of manufacturing paint or coating.



Contact Angle, Wettability and Adhesion

Contact Angle Measurements - A method to characterize solid surfaces

Methods to determine the Surface Free Energy

The importance of Surface and Interfacial Tension for Paint Jobs and Coatings

Importance of contact angle measurements for industrial applications

Wetting dynamics of Ultra-hydrophobic Surfaces

Day 3, August 29 2019 – On the final day the specific issues associated with on field or in laboratory challenges, requested by the
participants from the industry and academia will be discussed and if needed the on-site demonstration/characterization of samples will
also, be performed. 
Through the last day, we will be offering hands-on experience on any of the instruments available in the laboratory.

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