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  • Starting live daily at 11 am, Eastern Time

  • Lessons are approx. 30 minutes, plus interactive Q&A session

  • Link to the current class will be available under Course Content tab.


We reserve the right to make changes to the speakers and the course of events.

Week 1: 

Introduction of presenters and course.

Overview of surface tension and bulk properties of liquids

Static methods to characterize liquid/liquid 

and liquid/gas interfaces 

Spinning drop tensiometry 

Bubble pressure tensiometry and drop volume tensiometry 

Labor day in Europe


April 27:


April 28:  

April 29: 

April 30: 

May 1: 

Dr. Prashant Waghmare


Dr. Raymond Sanedrin


Dr. Aleksey Baldygin 

Frederick Fiddler


Week 2: 


Overview of the importance of accurate quantification,

static and dynamic evaluation and measuring methods

Interfacial rheology from theory to applications


Contact angle measurements - optical method


Contact angle measurements - force-based method

Adhesion analysis tool for industrial problems

May 4:

May 5:  

May 6: 

May 7: 

May 8: 

Dr. Prashant Waghmare


Dr. Daniel Frese

Dr. Thomas Willers



Dr. Raymond Sanedrin


Dr. Daniel Frese

May 11:

May 12:  

May 13: 

May 14: 

May 15: 

Week 3: 

Accurate and precise measurements of contact angles

(spreading, evaporation and adsorption)

What are the important physico chemical parameters when
formulating inks and how to characterize and optimize them

Truth or Dyne? An alternative point of view

Introduction to Foam Analysis

Special topics: Electrowetting and magnetowetting

Dr. Prashant Waghmare


Dr. Thomas Willers


Dr. Aleksey Baldygin


Dr. Prashant Waghmare

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Week 4: 

           Final Exam [online format]

May 18- June 30:





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